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Hello and welcome to our lifestyle blog.

About the authors

We are Ivan and Khris Jose, new parents who love to find new ways on how to make things easy for us at home.

Ivan is a graduate of BS Geology from UP Diliman. Ever since he could remember, he has always been in love with writing. He currently works in a bank but dreams of doing full time writing someday. He would also like to pursue his own business and a freelancing job in the future to allow him more time with his family and the things that he loves.

Khrisna Macalma-Jose, Khris to family and childhood friends, and Ynah to colleagues and close friends, is a graduate of BS in Export Management from DLS-College of St. Benilde. She has been with the banking industry handling Telemarketing for over a decade. Despite the number of years, Khris has been as passionate with her job as she was in day 1.

About this blog

This is where we share everything that makes us and our family happy and, in doing so, we hope to rub off the happiness on you. We share mostly travel stories, food reviews, events, happy news articles, photographs, and product reviews.

Our philosophy is that you can find happiness in the littlest things around us. It’s just a matter of looking at things from a positive perspective.

For our travel narratives, we would like to caution you that we do not really write travel guides but more of a journal. It tells stories from the perspective of two simple souls who are devoid of pretense or taste for anything grandiose.

Our articles combine photographs and written words to narrate stories collected from our daily adventures. This blog is about living life, pursuing passions, realizing dreams, and just being happy.

We urge you to also pursue all the things that make you and your day happy and bright.